Hailing from Belgium, The Progerians capture a mix of punk, sludge and doom. Right from the beginning in 2011, the band delved into creating their very own blend of hard and raw tunes, releasing in 2012 their first 6-track EP “Degeneration” and a 4-track split EP in 2013.

Over the years THE PROGERIANS refined their sound into their own unique signature, crystalized in 2015 on their critically acclaimed first full-length album.

Live, they are known for powerful performances — think sludge, groove, sweat, loud, party, psyche, punk, thirst!

2019 brings the release of the band’s second album, entitled “Crush the wise men who refuse to submit” on Mottow Soundz, home of the legendary La Muerte. The record invites you on an hour-long journey through the depths of mind and matter, looking to sever the cord with your inner demons.


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