Cable snakes, lo-fi mic’s and fetishized guitars, Deadline’s influences mix and mingle inside their metallic mess.

Formed in 2013 in the Black Country (aka Charleroi, Belgium), the trio first sharpened their strings on saturated punk riffs, before an encounter with the devil around a certain Mississippi crossroads. Now dedicated to a rock’n’roll obsessed with its legacy, the three musicians will tell you; they are haunted by the ghosts of the blues, deep in their most primitive instincts.

Letting blues music penetrate their characteristic sound, Deadline do not lose sight of their tungsten and diesel-soaked hard core, definitely gasoline rock.

Not less schizophrenic, the two antagonistic singers Quiet Ben and Simon Wray thus alternately exchange their instruments on the stage; guitar, bass, harmonica, in an electric duel given life by the inhabited drumming of Simon Blue King.

Since their inception, the band has had the opportunity to deliver their rock’n’roll in concert halls such as Rockerill, Eden, Magasin 4, Atelier 210, Nuit du Blues, and Humo’s Rock Rally.

Their second EP Those Who Inhabit This Land is available — pick up your copy today!