Good things really do come to those who wait! We are real proud and excited to announce the upcoming release of one of our newest family members, ROMANO NERVOSO. Those of you who made it out to MADÉ J.'s album release last month, will have seen this man beat the shit out of the drum kit in the best way possible. One could say, the Bonham way!

Not only does ROMANO lay down a serious groove, but his upcoming album is more than just an inspired effort - It's officially rock-n-roll hunting season and this Mofo is carrying an Elephant Gun!

Therefore, we are more than happy to announce that, "BORN TO BOOGIE" is now officially available to pre-order. The official release will be on the 22.10.14 and the album is available as a CD, LP and Digital Download. Check out our shop and order your format of choice.

Thanks for your support!